You can now hide liked YouTube videos

July 6, 2021

YouTube Music and YouTube are interlinked for some individuals’ decisions and it seems as though Google is finding a way some genuine ways to decouple the administrations. YouTube Music application has become a choice that permits you to conceal the enjoyed music video from YouTube. This element isn’t applied toddler he preferred sings in the video web-based feature. Proposals just as watch history in some cases shifts starting with one stage then onto the next.

At the point when you will go to music.youtube.com or the YouTube Music application on your telephone and afterward open the settings from account menu in the upper right corner of the interface. You will be welcomed by another alternative ‘Show your like music from YouTube’. The flip is turned on as a matter of course so that in the event that you dont need your enjoyed YouTube music recordings to appear in YTM, you need to turn off physically. Whenever it is done you will see that recordings you loved on YouTube at this point don’t show up in YouTube Music. It is incredible for certain recordings that YouTube mistakenly perceives as music.

There are no comparing setting in YouTube without anyone else so the preferred YouTube Music melodies actually show up on the video stage. However the tune proposals are as yet springing up from YouTube Music to YouTube landing page. In some cases the music history will show up in YouTube, particularly when you request that Google Assistant beginning a playlist on your TV or use YouTube Music Android TV application. These are the two issues the engineers should handle to isolate the two administrations.

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