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Drawing a Polygon in AutoCAD

July 6, 2021

AutoCAD is an unquestionable requirement have device for engineers for making designing drawings. Engineers can likewise utilize it for making great structural plans. The producitivity has been improved extraordinarily with AutoCAD. In this instructional exercise you will figure out how to make a polygon in AutoCAD. Polygon is a plane figure that is limited by limited number of straight line portions. The portions are known as the edges or sides. Also, the different sides which meet at the fact is called vertex or corner. The inside segment of the polygon is known as its body. You can likewise find out about Drawing a Plate with a Hole.

To make a polygon in AutoCAD you need to follow these basic advances.

first of all you need to open another drawing and for that you need to click New from the menu bar.

You need to ensure that ORTHO mode is ON (It will be ON when it sparkle in blue). Snap the symbol to turn it ON or OFF or press F8 to flip.

Presently type z [space bar], e [space bar] and theis will zoom degrees the drawing region.

Presently click on Draw>Polygon.

Presently you need to enter the quantity of sides and in this instructional exercise we will type 6 and afterward press enter.

Presently you need to indicate the focal point of the polygon and type 0,0 [Enter].

Presently click on Circumscribed about circle.

Move the cursor vertical and afterward type 1 as polygon sweep.

You are done now and with these straightforward advances you will actually want to make polygon (Hexagon in this instructional exercise) without any problem.

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