Android 11 bug prevents apps from going fullscreen

July 6, 2021

Android 11 is presently over one month old yet we are as yet confronting bugs in the authority discharge. It has glitchy media controls, issues with the performing multiple tasks and a portion of the new things presented are bad by any stretch of the imagination. The most recent bug which is worth focusing on is influencing the versatile gamers however it is irritating for each and every individual who utilizes applications that go full screen.

This issue sees the status and the route bar stay apparent on the screen notwithstanding having an application that goes fullscreen. Applications like YouTube and games takes up the whole screen when they go fullscreen to permit the substance to dominate. In any case, after the up-degree to Android 11 a large number of the clients are tracking down that these application can not fill the entire screen.

This bug is irritating for the versatile gamers whose telephones are consistently in the fullscreen mode. Telephones have gotten taller and more slender throughout the long term and a status bar just as route bar cutting into the accessible screen land is a long way from great. A portion of the clients have discovered accomplishment in shutting the applications and afterward restarting them however it might rely upon the application they are utilizing and on the thing gadget they are utilizing. This issue is additionally in Samsung’s One UI 3.0 which depends on Android 11. Individuals revealed this bug during the betas yet Google couldn’t repeat it and shut the issue. The organization may require another once-over at it as this is acquiring consideration and ideally the issue will be addressed soon.

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